Initialize SDK


Liminal is currently invite-only with concierge onboarding. Please Request Access here to get on-boarded on Liminal.

You will receive an onboarding kit with credentials that will provide you access to the Liminal platform so you can start integrating digital assets into your application.

Steps to get integrate Liminal SDK

  1. Request API and SDK access
  2. Create wallets
  3. Start integrating wallets in your application

Follow the below steps to create your first wallet and start doing transaction

Once CLI is started using the above steps follow the below steps to create a wallet

  • Select Quick onboarding from the options shown
  • Generate AWS access keys
  • Enter your AWS credentials, this is required to generate KMS key used to sign transactions
  • Select Add a new KMS key to create a new key to create a wallet
  • Enter Liminal client_id and client_secret received as part of the onboarding kit
  • Select generate a wallet and follow the steps to generate the wallet of your choosing

The step-by-step wallet creation process can also be followed here

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