First-Time Setup: Installation Guide

As soon as cloud formation script is complete, jump to the following steps for installation of Docker on your infrastructure.

Installation Process

Once the AWS Cloud formation script does the MPC and Express installation, the client must run the following docker command to run the container.

  1. Check MPC Version. (TSM-Version)
    Use the following command to check the TSM Version (TSM-Version):

    curl http://localhost:8000/version

    The response from this command will provide the TSM Version, which you will need for the next step.

  2. Start the Docker Container.
    Start the Docker container using the following command:

    docker run --restart=on-failure -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=YOUR_AWS_ACCESS_KEY  
                   -e REGION=YOUR_AWS_DEFAULT_REGION  
                   -e NODE_ENV=prod  
                   -e TSM_URL=YOUR_TSM_URL  
       	        -e TSM_VERSION=YOUR_TSM_VERSION  
                   -e TSM_USER_ID=YOUR_TSM_USER_ID  
                   -e TSM_PASSWORD=YOUR_TSM_PASSWORD  
                   -e TSM_PUBLIC_KEY=YOUR_TSM_PUBLIC_KEY  
                   -p 8081:8081 -d

Ensure to replace the placeholders with your specific configuration details:

YOUR_AWS_DEFAULT_REGION: Replace with your AWS default region.  
YOUR_TSM_VERSION: Replace with your TSM version obtained from Step 2.  
YOUR_TSM_URL: Replace with the URL of your TSM (Trusted Service Manager).  
YOUR_TSM_USER_ID: Replace with your TSM user ID.  
YOUR_TSM_PASSWORD: Replace with your TSM password.  
YOUR_TSM_PUBLIC_KEY: Replace with your TSM public key.

This command will start the Docker container in the production environment.

  1. Run Info Curl
    Once the Express Docker is deployed in the client infrastructure then run the following CURL.
    curl http\://localhost:8081/info
    It will give the response of the express version, and we will ensure that the docker is running properly.



For the ease of testing, we can provide our MPC infra and Express API. However if you want to test in your dev environment, we can setup MPC infra & Express API in your infrastructure also.