This function retrieves the amount of memory being utilized by Liminal Express on the client's server. It provides a detailed report on memory consumption, enabling users to monitor and manage the resources used by Liminal Express effectively. This function is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and avoiding potential system overloads.

mem.rssThe Resident Set Size - total memory allocated for the process.Helps monitor the memory usage of the process.
mem.heapTotalTotal size of the allocated heap for the process.Provides insight into the total memory reserved for the process's heap.
mem.heapUsedAmount of memory used within the allocated heap.Useful for understanding how much of the allocated heap is actually being used by the process.
mem.externalMemory used by C++ objects bound to JavaScript objects managed by V8 engine.Helps in tracking memory used by non-JavaScript components.
mem.arrayBuffersMemory used by ArrayBuffers.Useful for tracking memory usage by ArrayBuffers, which can impact overall memory consumption.
uptimeThe number of seconds the process has been running for.Useful for monitoring the duration the process has been active.
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