Software Development Kit to integrate in your back end applications.

Liminal provides a simple and robust client SDK to integrate digital asset wallets with your application. Liminal SDK is used in your back-end applications to communicate securely with the Liminal platform to create and sign transactions. Depending on digital asset and wallet configuration, it allows you to access various HSM devices from your infrastructure.

Software Development Kit

SDK will help you to interact with multiple digital assets over a single robust interface. Several sensitive operations, such as signing transactions and status, are always done on the client side.

We provide and recommend the use of our Software Development Kit (SDK), which implements these client-side wallet features and interfaces with our APIs.

Currently, our SDK is available in JavaScript & Typescript and runs using Node.js. Please make sure you are running at least a greater version of Node 14 (LTS release is recommended) and the npm version must be greater than 6.


Once you have onboarded on Liminal, you will receive client_id and client_secret as part of concierge onboarding. You must initialize your SDK integration with client_id and client_secret.


Liminal has two separate environments available for development and production. For security reasons, all Liminal API requests are made using TLS over HTTPS.

Test Environment
The Liminal test environment is used by default in our examples and the SDK. It is entirely separate from Liminals's production environment and there is no overlap in either data or accounts. Once you have onboarded, you will get access to our test environment and credentials to access SDK and API.

Liminal Test Site: https://dev.lmnl.app/
Test Environment API: https://api.lmnl.dev

Production Environment
The Liminal production endpoint is live and used by production applications. This environment is connected to the main net networks of various digital assets we support.

Production Site: https://vaults.lmnl.app/
Production API: https://api.lmnl.app

Digital Asset Support

Liminal supports various digital assets protocols and assets on those protocols. We are continuously working to support more digital assets on our platform if they support secure with multi-signature transactions and hardware security module ( HSM ) signing.

Protocol NameStatus
Bitcoin CashLive
ETH and all ERC20 TokensLive
BNB ChainLive
Polygon and all ERC20 TokensLive
Avalanche and all ERC20 TokensLive

Liminal SDK allows you to

  • List all wallets including hot Wallets
  • List wallet balances and transactions
  • Generate addresses hot wallets
  • Access Public Keys of addresses
  • Access HSM devices
  • Create and sign transactions
  • Monitor transaction status