Set up a Smart Consolidation Rule

Consolidation is a process of consolidating assets from your deposit wallets and transferring them to the destination wallet. With Smart Consolidation, you can set up thresholds for the deposit wallet addresses, set up a gas fee, and enable multiple destinations by setting spillover amounts.

  1. Log into Vaults.
  2. Go to Dev in the left menu.
  3. Select the Smart Consolidation tab.
  4. Select Create.
  5. In the Wallet field, select a wallet from the dropdown.
  6. In the Asset field, select the asset.
  7. In the Minimum Amount (per address) field, enter the minimum amount for all deposit wallet addresses for consolidation. Any address below this amount will be excluded in consolidation.

  1. In the Consolidation Type field, you get the following two options to select from the dropdown:
  • Auto: This option allows the consolidation happens on the fixed time intervals you have configured.
  • Custom: If you select this option, you can set up the maximum gas fee amount for the consolidation, which means that the consolidation will take place as soon as the gas fee in the network falls below the configured amount.
  1. In the Destination field, enter a whitelisted destination wallet. If you have not whitelisted any wallets, see Add a whitelisted address.
  2. In the Spillover if balance greater than field, enter a balance amount of the destination wallet you entered above. Any amount beyond exceeding this balance will be transferred to another wallet that you specify in the Next Destination field. Note that this field is optional.
  3. Select + Add Rule to save the changes.

Note: If you have configured a Smart Consolidation Rule, the destination address will take priority over the "targetAddress" in the API. But if smart consolidation rules are not configured, then the funds will be consolidated into the "targetAddress" as specified in the consolidation API.