Gas Station

Manage Gas Station rules and funds

A gas fee is a transaction fee that is associated with a blockchain transaction, deducted in the network protocol's native token. A Gas Station is a type of a wallet used to pay the gas fee by funding wallets (hot and cold wallets) containing only tokens. This eliminates the need to fund the individual wallets with native assets.

Liminal offers a Gas Station feature that automatically refuels the mobile and deposit wallets with the required amount of native coins. This is done when these wallets are low on native coins below the defined threshold. The Gas Station is created at the time of creating a new organization for your Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) in Liminal. A single Gas Station is created for each protocol. For instance, one Gas Station is created for ETH, one for BSC. Currently, Liminal only supports the Gas Station feature for all EVM-based protocols.

If the Gas Station balance is insufficient to pay the gas fee for the amount of transaction in a wallet, the transaction will not be executed. You must consistently refill and maintain sufficient balance of native assets in the Gas Station to ensure uninterrupted transactions from your wallets.

Gas Station features

The key features of the gas station are as follows:

  • Final signer: For a multisig wallet transaction, the Gas Station acts as the final signer after all policy checks are completed. Additionally, the gas fee is also deducted directly from the Gas Station.
  • Fund mobile wallets - You can update the Gas Station rules to fund mobile wallets with native coins to ensure uninterrupted token transactions. For more information, see Update Gas Station rules.
  • Fund Sprayer - In case of deposit wallets, you can set the Gas Station to fund the sprayer automatically, which in turn sprays/sends the funds to the addresses of a deposit wallet. To learn about sprayer, see Sprayer wallet.
  • View transaction logs - You can view all transaction logs in Liminal Vaults. For more information, see View transaction logs.

The following flowchart illustrates the movement of funds from the Gas Station.


Sprayer is an extension to the Gas Station but functions as a separate wallet. It is designed to fund individual addresses of the deposit wallet. The Gas Station automatically funds Sprayer and then Sprayer automatically sprays funds to the addresses of your deposit wallet. It sends native coins to the deposit wallet whenever the wallet is low on minimum required native coins. This enables smooth consolidation of tokens within the deposit wallet before transferring them uninterrupted to the cold wallet. You must ensure that the Gas Station is sufficiently full.

When a deposit wallet is created, a rule to fund Sprayer from the Gas Station is automatically configured for your organization.

Set up the Gas Station rules

Liminal sets up a default Gas Station for your organization in Admin Panel. However, you, as an owner or admin of your organization in Admin Panel, can modify the Gas Station rules in Liminal Vaults for your requirements. You can enable and modify the Gas Station rules.

You can perform the following actions in Liminal Vaults: