Set up Liminal Firewall

You can implement Liminal Firewall for your crypto transactions. You can set up policies within Vaults. Take the following steps to set up Liminal Firewall for your organization.

Step 1: Set up compliance apps

You can set up rules to approve or reject transactions based on the risk status highlighted to you by the compliance apps supported by Liminal. Currently, Liminal supports Notabene for Travel Rule compliance and TRM Labs for transaction risk compliance.

Take the following steps to set up the compliance apps:

Travel Rule

  1. Set up your account in Notabene.
  2. Generate client ID and secret in Notabene.
  3. Configure Travel Rule in Vaults.

Transaction Risk

  1. Sign up on TRM Labs.
  2. Enable TRM Labs in Vaults.
  3. Whitelist a wallet address.

Step 2: Create a compliance team

You need to create a non-signing team of users who can initiate transactions. This team can also approve a transaction.

  1. Log into Vaults.
  2. Go to Settings. Under User Management > Teams, select + Invite next to View.
  3. In the Team field, enter the name of your initiator team, as shown in the following screenshot.
  4. Select No under theCan This Team Sign Transactions? field.
  5. In the Select Members field, checkmark all users from the dropdown who can initiate transactions.

  1. Select Add Team to save the changes.

Step 3: Request your Firewall rules and policies

Liminal ensures that Firewall rules and policies activation process is catered to your organization’s security needs and configurations. To implement your customized Firewall policy rules, take the following steps.

  1. Contact Liminal support team: Reach out to the Liminal customer support team at [email protected].
  2. Fill out the worksheet: Edit your policy rules in the worksheet shared with you by the support team to capture your configurational requirements.
  3. Submit the worksheet: Provide your completed worksheet with the team to implement those rules in the backend for your transactions.