Withdraw funds from your Gas Station

You may want to move funds out of your Gas Station manually due to accidentally sending an incorrect amount, or you no longer wish to have funds in a specific protocol/chain.

Although a direct option to move funds from Gas Station is not currently available, you can still do this by setting up a Gas Station rule such that all funds are drained to your preferred Liminal wallet.

Take the following steps to withdraw your funds from your Gas Station.

  1. Refer to the Update Gas Station rules guide to follow the instructions and open the Auto Gas Refill pop up to adjust the settings.
  2. In the Transfer from gas station to destination field, enter the amount you want to transfer to your mobile wallet. Please note that there's a gas fee associated with every transaction. When withdrawing funds from Gas Station, consider the gas fee associated with the transaction. Ensure that you secure a small portion of your funds in your Gas Station to cover the gas fee, while transferring a larger amount to your mobile wallet for successful withdrawals. For example, if you have 5 ETH in your Gas Station, you might want to keep 0.01 ETH within it to be used for the gas fee for the withdrawal transaction (assuming the current max gas fee is 0.01 ETH). Then, enter the 4.99 ETH in the field as the amount you wish to transfer to the wallet for withdrawal.
  3. Select Continue to save the changes.

Based on your Auto Gas Refill settings, the amount will be transferred to the mobile wallet in some time. Once the funds are in your mobile wallet, you can proceed to withdraw them.