Save gas fees in UTXO consolidation

Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) is the amount of cryptocurrency in your wallet that you can spend in future transactions. UTXO consolidation is a process of combining funds from multiple UTXO addresses into a single address. You can club multiple addresses to make a single transaction. Sending funds in a single transaction is straightforward than making multiple transactions. This way you can save on the gas (or transaction) fees associated with multiple smaller transactions.

You can use the following APIs for this use case:

Consolidate wallet assets API

You can use this API to collect funds from multiple input addresses and direct them to the destination address. Additionally, you can set the gas fee below the market rate using the feeRate parameter in the transactions object of the API request body. Once the market fee matches the provided fee, a miner will process the transaction. Note that with a lower fee below the current market rate, confirmation may take some time (hours or days). For more information about the API, see Consolidate wallet assets.

Resend transaction for UTXO chains API

You can use this API to resend a transaction with a higher fee to speed up the transaction processing. This API uses the Replace-by-Fee (RBF) methodology to replace the existing fee. If the low fee is causing delays in your transaction, you can increase the gas fee using the feeRate parameter in the API request. With an increased gas fee, a miner will pick your transaction sooner to confirm it. For more information about the API, see Resend a UTXO-based transaction.