Generate a single address

This API fetches a specific address that corresponds to the path defined in the parameters.


Please note the following:

  • The Generate Address function is applicable exclusively for Native Coins.
  • This API is intended solely for deposit wallets.
  • A User Deposit Address can also be generated using this function by providing a path value.
  • The path value should be an index (numeric value). For instance, in the response "path":"m/0/0", only the last index value needs to be passed, i.e., "m/0/{index_value}".
  • The 0th path is allocated to the wallet deposit address. All paths following this are designated for user deposit addresses. For instance, in the case of exchanges, their deposit address is on the 0th path, and they can assign the remaining paths and addresses to their users.
  • The address should be generated sequentially. Do not generate an address by passing any random path value. Do not break the sequence address path value.
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