Create a hot wallet

This API is a request to create a new withdrawal or deposit hot wallet for your organization, in either v1 or v2 wallet format. A v2 wallet supports team management and Liminal Firewall, making it ideal for new organizations. You can also create multiple hot wallets specifically for EVM and UTXO chains.

If you need to maintain compatibility with your existing organizational setup, you can use this API to create a v1 wallet. A v1 wallet is a legacy wallet that is not supported by Liminal Firewall. To create a v1 wallet, ensure to add the key pair "walletVersion":"1" in the API request body. If the wallet version is not provided, the API will default to creating a v2 wallet.

Please note that organizations with existing v1 wallets created on or before July 4, 2024, who wish to create v2 wallets, must inform Liminal initially. Aditionally, those organizations need to update Liminal Express and use the latest docker image.

To learn more about v1 and v2 wallets, see Wallet v1 and v2.

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