Liminal Express Setup

Liminal Express AWS Cloudformation Stack

Pre-Onboarding Checklist

Before we dive into the onboarding process, ensure you have the following prerequisites ready:

  • Share your AWS account ID with Liminal prior to our onboarding call.
  • Decide on the AWS region for the MPC server deployment.
  • Have an IAM user with admin access on standby.
  • Ensure both a technical and dev ops representative from your side are present.

The Onboarding Process: Quick and Efficient

Estimated Time: Approximately 20 minutes.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Cloud Formation Script Deployment: Our team will be present during the onboarding to guide you through each step. We'll kick things off by deploying an EC2 instance, S3 bucket, secret manager, RDS, and KMS ID using the cloud formation script. In essence, we're setting up essential AWS services on your cloud.
  2. MPC Code and Liminal SDK Integration: The EC2 instance will be equipped with the MPC code and the Liminal SDK API (Express) container.
  3. MPC Server Deployment: Once the initial setup is complete, we'll proceed to deploy the MPC server in the AWS cloud.
  4. Express Docker Installation: Following the server deployment, the Express Docker will be installed.
  5. Client Interaction Setup: The public IP of the EC2 will be set on port 8081. This port is designated for client interactions, specifically for API consumption. It's crucial for the client to whitelist their IP on this created EC2 on port 8081.
  6. Completion: With these steps, the entire infrastructure is deployed, and the IP is whitelisted. Our devops team will generate the cloud formation to be shared with the client. During the onboarding call, we'll execute the script to deploy the mentioned services.


Important Note: The public IP address is meant for internal use within your infrastructure. Ensure it's not accessed externally to maintain security and functionality.


Liminal Express (Docker) is a lightweight service that runs as a local server on your host machine that replicates our collection of RESTful APIs.

Liminal Express (Docker) is language-independent, allowing you to be flexible with any type of Language to be chosen without rewriting any Logic.

We recommend spinning up the docker service via our Docker Container provided which enables some of the few advantages:-

  1. Easily Accessible.
  2. Flexibility to use any Programming Language and framework.



  1. When onboarding on production, MPC server and Liminal Express Docker will be deployed automatically with the help of AWS cloud formation scripts. Our team will help in installation and setup of cloud formation.
  2. This Docker Container is to be hosted where the instance has AWS Programmatic Access.