Liminal Express

Why Liminal Express?

Are you on the hunt for a robust wallet and custody infrastructure? Look no further. Liminal Express, with its RESTful APIs, equips you with the essential tools to lay down a foundation that's not just secure and compliant but also supremely efficient.

Discover Liminal Express

Seamless Integration with Liminal Express

Wondering what sets Liminal Express apart? It's the sophistication it brings to API integration, making the task of building your wallet infrastructure a breeze. Tailored for developers, it's the go-to platform for crafting institutional wallets with a touch of personalization.

  • Versatility at its Best: Liminal Express thrives on a language-independent framework. With dynamic REST APIs, it sidesteps the SDK architecture, ensuring a flexible integration process.
  • Effortless Deployment: Integrate Liminal Express effortlessly within your existing setup. Boost your wallet and asset security without the hassle of downloading external packages.
  • Exclusive Access: Keep things tight-knit. Liminal Express is designed to limit access to key personnel - administrators and internal stakeholders. This ensures that deployment, decision-making, and distribution of wallet management permissions remain in trusted hands.
  • Smooth Onboarding: Transitioning to Liminal Express is a walk in the park. Use the same keys for both the Liminal Vaults web and mobile application, making the onboarding process smooth and straightforward.

Dive In & Build Your Secure Infrastructure
Embark on a journey with Liminal Express and leverage our developer support portal. It's time to craft a secure, efficient, and reliable infrastructure for your digital assets.