Activate tokens

This guide is tailored for hot wallets. For cold wallet procedures, please consult the specific guidelines.

Supported Tokens

Note: Tokens that aren't within our support range won't appear on the user interface. For a comprehensive list of Native Coins we back, please refer here.

Explore Further:

Dive into the details of our supported tokens below.


Key Points to Remember:

  1. Should you find your desired token on our list, kickstart a minimal transfer to your wallet. This action will prompt an automatic activation.
  2. For new token requests, kindly send us an email at [email protected] with the following details:
    1. Wallet Id
    2. Wallet Address
    3. Token to be Added
    4. Symbol Name
    5. Protocol Name
    6. Contract Address
    7. Coin Market Cap Link
      We strive to activate it in under 24 hours.

Next Steps for Token Activation:

  1. Initiate the activation of a particular token by transferring a small sum to your deposit/withdrawal hot wallet. Upon recognition by Liminal, the token will seamlessly activate within your wallet.
  2. For organisations aiming to activate a token across various wallets, replicate the aforementioned procedure for every distinct wallet.


Quick Heads-Up:

Should a protocol be absent from our current support roster, the integration of a new token could experience a slight delay.