Initiate Multi-Sig Transaction

Multisig (Multi-Signature) enhances security by requiring approval from multiple authorised signers before executing a transaction, thus minimising the risk of unauthorised access.
Before you start your first transaction, it's important to whitelist the necessary address.

To initiate MultiSig transaction, follow the steps below

  1. The Initiator requests a new transaction via the Vaults UI. Select the initial MultiSig wallet, then click on "Send".
    Select the desired digital asset from the available options in the wallet. This step specifies the asset that the user intends to transfer.
    Provide the transaction amount and add any necessary notes or memos to the transaction.
  2. Connect the hardware device, and click on "Sign" button to proceed. Follow the approval instructions on the hardware device, then provide the approval permission to sign the transaction.
  3. As soon as a transaction gets initiated, all the co-signers will be provided a notification about the transaction on their liminal vault dashboard, under pending actions.

  1. To approve the transaction, signer can select the approve button from the dashboard and follow the same approval process.

Once all the threshold number of signatures are collected, the transaction gets initiated on the blockchain.