Testnet faucets

A concise directory of testnet faucets for hassle-free access to test tokens across multiple blockchain platforms.

Testnets play a pivotal role by providing a sandbox environment where developers can experiment, debug, and test their applications without any real-world financial implications. Accessing testnet tokens, which mimic the behaviour of real tokens but have no monetary value, is essential for interacting with these testnet environments. This is where testnet faucets come into play.

Testnet faucets are online platforms that distribute free testnet tokens to developers. By providing a steady supply of test tokens, faucets facilitate the testing and integration phase of development, ensuring that applications function as intended before being deployed on the mainnet.

Below is a comprehensive table of testnet faucets across various blockchain platforms:

Chain NameFaucet NameFaucet URLDescription
BitcoinBitcoin Faucet UO1bitcoinfaucet.uo1.netYou can get up to  0.00008 BTC.
Chainstack Faucetshttps://tbtc.bitaps.com/
Multiple faucets
EthereumMoralis Web3moralis.ioProvides Ethereum testnet funds for Sepolia​​.
Multichain FaucetFaucet LinkProvides free testnet funds for Sepolia​​.
SolanaSol Faucetmoralis.ioProvides testnet SOL​​.
Litecoin TestnetLitecoin Testnet Faucettestnet.helpUsers can request up to 0.001 LTC every 24 hours.
Testnet Faucettestnet-faucet.comProvides 0.75 to 1.25 tLTC per hour​.
XRP TestnetXRP Testnet Faucettest.bithomp.comAwaiting activation for XRP testnet tokens
TezosTezos Testnet Faucethttps://testnet.help/en/tezfaucet/testnetUsers can request up to 10 XTZ every 24 hours.
Tezos Teztnet Faucethttps://teztnets.xyzVarious faucets available.
Tezos Ghostnet Faucethttps://faucet.ghostnet.teztnets.xyz/Request upto 12,000 XTZ.
AlgorandAlgorand Testnet Dispenser (algodev network)https://dispenser.testnet.aws.algodev.networkDispenses 5 Algo and 100 USDC for testing purposes on the Algorand blockchain test networks.
BaseBase Faucet by QuickNodehttps://faucet.quicknode.com/baseSupports multiple testnet networks. A user's wallet must hold at least 0.001 ETH on Ethereum Mainnet to use the EVM faucets
Base Sepolia Testnet Faucet - Bware Labshttps://bwarelabs.com/faucets/base-testnetProvides Base testnet tokens for web3 development​.
FlareTowo Labs Flare Coston Faucetfaucet.towolabs.comOfficial Flare (CFLR) faucet for the Coston testnet, where users can request 100 CFLR per address and 24 hours​.
Energy Web ChainEWF Volta testnet faucetvoltafaucet.energyweb.orgUsers can request 1 Volta token for testing on the Energy Web Volta testnet​.
XDAIGnosis Chain xDAI Faucethttps://www.gnosisfaucet.com/Users who wish to obtain 0.0025 xDAI must solve a captcha verification​.
ARBITRUMArbitrum Sepolia Testnet Faucet - Bware Labshttps://bwarelabs.com/faucetsKickstart web3 development on the Arbitrum network with this faucet​.
Arbitrum Faucet by QuickNodehttps://faucet.quicknode.comCreated for ease of obtaining testnet tokens for various testnet networks supported by QuickNode​3​.
Arbitrum Sepolia Faucet https://faucet.triangleplatform.com/arbitrum/sepoliaObtain test ARB for the Arbitrum Sepolia testnet​.
CardanoAda Faucethttps://docs.cardano.org/cardano-testnet/tools/faucet/Official Faucet for Cardano.


Cautionary Note:

The availability and functionality of the faucets listed in this guide may change over time. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, we cannot guarantee the current operational status of any faucet. We recommend developers to visit the respective faucet URLs to confirm their functionality. This guide serves as a starting point to assist you in finding and accessing testnet faucets across various blockchain platforms. Your diligence in verifying the operational status of these faucets is advised.